Top Ten Tuesday – Auto-Buy Authors


It’s time for another weekly Top Ten Tuesday! Top Ten Tuesday is currently being hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. This week’s topic is our auto-buy authors! We have each come up with a list of five auto-buy authors and can’t wait to share them with you!

Felicia’s Top Five

Margaret Rogerson – I knew after An Enchantment of Ravens that Margaret Rogerson would be an auto-buy author for me, but after reading Sorcery of Thorns, it became very clear that she’s a favorite author of mine. I love the banter between her characters, the stories she tells, and the worlds she creates. I absolutely can’t wait for her next book.

Katie O’Neill – If I had to choose just one author to buy or read graphic novels from, it would be Katie O’Neill. I have read several from her and they are just amazing. The art style is so whimsical and is definitely my favorite of the graphic novels I have read. I also love that the stories are entertaining while also including some sort of message in them as well.

Kasie West – If there’s any author who is an auto-buy for me, it’s Kasie West. As a lover of contemporary, I think my list would be absolutely incomplete without her. I have read so many books by her and while I haven’t absolutely loved every single one, they have all entertained me and I always look forward to what she will come out with next.

Leigh Bardugo – I don’t think there is anything Leigh Bardugo could write that I immediately wouldn’t pick up. After reading through all of her books, she is for sure an author I will buy everything from her.

Casey McQuiston – While this may be a new author and she may only have one book out, I know without a doubt that I’m going to love her future works as well. I became obsessed with Red, White and Royal Blue from the first several pages and that obsession just grew the more I read. I will buy anything and everything that she comes out with!

Stephanie’s Top Five

Rick Riordan – Rick has been one of my favorite authors since I was twelve. I own all of his books, and I can’t see a day when I don’t immediately buy a book just because his name is on it. He’s stuck with me through almost half of my life, and that’s not something I can just give up!

Cassandra Clare – Cassie Clare is another one of those authors that I’ve been reading for several years. I really adore her world building, and I love the Shadowhunters world that she’s created. I can’t see a day in the future when I don’t buy one of her books!

Kasie West – I’m not usually a huge contemporary reader, but this author is so good! I really love her novels, and I just tear through them as soon as they’re in my hand! I will always give any book of hers a try!

Sarah J. Maas – I’ve read everything that Sarah has put out so far, and I am undeniably head-over-heels. I’m really excited to get my hands on the new adult novel she’s coming out with! She’s one of my favorite authors ever!

John Green – His books might be a little cliche, but I can’t get over just how much his books hit home for me. Paper Towns will always hold a dear place in my heart. So far there’s only one novel of his that I haven’t enjoyed, but overall, his books are some of my favorites!

Who are your auto-buy authors?
Felicia and Stephanie

19 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Auto-Buy Authors

  1. Cassandra Clare and Leigh Bardugo made my list this week too! I still need to read Kasie West (I got one of her books at a literature conference this spring) and Margaret Rogerson.


  2. I agree so much on Kasie West. Some books of hers may be not up to my liking too but I won’t deny the fact that I’ll always look forward to whatever she’s about to release next! And Cassie Clare. Her Shadowhunter World is one of the fantasy worlds that truly stayed with me ever since City of Bones came out. Her books have been a great part of my bookish life and got me more into reading.

    – Chai @ Like Chai Tea


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