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When It’s Real


Overall Rating: 4/5

I read this book what seems like forever ago, but really was a little over a month ago. It didn’t take me long to read this book and I actually reread it again a few days later. I enjoyed it both times I read it and have thought about rereading it again in December or January.

This is definitely a quick, lighthearted, and easy read that I absolutely enjoyed. The plot was definitely predictable, but sometimes that’s exactly what I need to get me out of a reading slump.

The characters were enjoyable. Oakley Ford is a teen star who wants to change his sound and wants to be taken more seriously. His management believes that the only way to get him to be taken more seriously is to date an average teenage girl. Vaughn is definitely not the type of girl to date a famous guy. She actually has a boyfriend when the book begins. When the opportunity comes along for her to date Oakley, she takes it. She isn’t a shallow girl, but after her parents passed away she and her siblings could definitely use the money.

I really enjoyed that the chemistry between Oakley and Vaughn took it’s time. It wasn’t completely instalove, which is something that I’m happy about since it’s one of my biggest pet peeves in young adult contemporary books.

When It’s Real is definitely not the same as The Royal’s series by Erin Watt. The Royal’s is one of those series that is full of teen angst and so many other addictive qualities. Both are enjoyable, but if you’re looking for a fun, easy, and quick read When It’s Real is a good choice.

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