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First Quarter of 2021 Wrap Up

While I had hoped to have quite a bit more time in April to blog, I ended up having more health issues to deal with. Instead of myself or my kids it was our dog this time and that ended up taking a lot of time away from me. Nevertheless, I wanted to still do my first quarter wrap up!

In the first three months of 2021, I read 124 books which equaled out to 43,798 pages. This equaled out to an average of 486.64 pages read each day. For this wrap up, I won’t be listing all the books I’ve read over the last three months, but if you’d like to see exactly what I read in January, February, or March, you can click on any of those months and see the list of what I read!

Of the 124 books I read in January, February and March, 89 of them were part of a series (71.8%), 19 were standalones (15.3%), and 16 were a reread (12.9%).

When it comes down to intended audience for the books I read, 21 of them were young adult books (16.7%), 6 of them were middle grade books (4.8%), and 97 of them were adult books (78.6%).

My ratings for these months were as follows: I had 1 two star book, 17 three star books, 86 four star books, and 20 five star books. My favorite books of the first quarter were: A Touch of Darkness by Scarlett St. Clair, A Court of Silver Flames by Sarah J. Maas, and From Blood and Ash by Jennifer L. Armentrout.

Lastly, I like to look at genres.

  • Contemporary: 88 (71%)
  • Fantasy: 20 (16.1%)
  • SciFi – 3 (2.4%)
  • Historical: 6 (4.8%)
  • Paranormal: 7 (5.6%)

What did you read in the first quarter of 2021? What was your favorite book?

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