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Hello 2022!

Happy belated new year!

Before I started to actively post again, I felt like I needed to discuss my unannounced hiatus. While I just had a post go live last week talking about some of my most anticipated books for 2022, I feel like I’ve been gone for so much longer. I ended up taking basically the entirety of December off and while the break was unexpected and unannounced, it was very much needed. December is by far one of the busiest months for myself and my family and I needed the time to focus on that portion of my life.

I had intended to be very active during December and have holiday related posts going live during the week leading up to Christmas and then everything related to 2022 going live last week. Unfortunately the only one that happened was my most anticipated books for the year.

I’m very excited for all the things to come during this year and to have you along for this chapter of my blogging journey!

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