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Shackled Hearts | Book Review

TITLE: Shackled Hearts
AUTHOR: T.L. Smith
PUBLICATION DATE: February 22, 2022
PAGES: 215
RATING: 3/5 stars


Betrayed, deceived, broken.
They are the only words used to describe who I have become.
Make no mistake, I let this happen.
But do you want to know the thing about letting someone into your life?
It can be undone.
Lucas Rossi may think he has won this round.
But I have news for him.
I’m going to win every other one he sends my way.
My heart may be in shackles, but my head has perfect clarity.

SHACKLED HEARTS Is book 2 in Chanel and Lucas Duet. It is a part of the Chained Hearts world.


Thank you to Wildfire Marketing Solutions and the author, T.L. Smith, for providing me with a copy of Shackled Hearts to review.

I was super excited for Shackled Hearts as I have absolutely loved the previous books in the series. This one was a quick read for me because I was very curious on where the story would go after Sinful Hands, but unfortunately this one didn’t work for me as well as the previous books did.

Personally, the whole plot of this one felt forced to me. The characters were great, but that wasn’t enough for me to bring the rating up this time.

I’ll definitely still read more from T.L. Smith in the future though as it was a fast read and overall enjoyable.

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