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Praise | Book Review

TITLE: Praise
AUTHOR: Sara Cate
PUBLICATION DATE: March 17, 2022
RATING: 5/5 stars


He calls me perfect.
His flawless pet.
His good girl.

Broken down and wounded by my emotionally neglectful ex, I wanted someone to tell me I was good enough.

Then, I stumbled into a new job with a boss who brings me to my knees—literally. He has me do things a real secretary would never do.

Emerson Grant tells me I’m more than just good enough.
I’m worthy of his praise.

There are a million reasons why I should stay away. The owner of the Salacious Players’ Club is not just my new boss, he’s twice my age.

And my ex-boyfriend’s father.

With him, I am treasured. I am adored. I am his.

I’m a good girl, but I’m falling for the wrong man.

Emerson Grant knows what he wants—
And he wants me.

So how far will I go to hear his approval?


Thank you to Wildfire Marketing Solutions and the author, Sara Cate, for providing me with an advanced copy of Praise.

I’ve only read one book by Sara Cate previously so I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect from Praise. I absolutely loved this! This book is the start of a series of interconnected standalones and I’m very excited to see where we go from here. This book features an age gap (main female character is 21 and main male character is 40) and also heavily features praise kink. This one worked for me on so many levels! The characters are amazing and I connected to them immediately and the spice between them is off the charts. I absolutely can’t wait for Eyes on Me and the rest of this series!

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