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Stealing a Second Chance | Book Review

TITLE: Stealing a Second Chance
AUTHOR: Kristin Lee
PUBLICATION DATE: January 27, 2022
PAGES: 310
RATING: 3.5/5


One crack of the bat drove us apart…
And also binds us together—forever.
The silence and rejection stings.
But, at some point, I have to quit fighting for her—for us.

I’ve been pretending for so long, it’s become normal.
To the average person, I have it all…a multi-million-dollar contract to play baseball, four homes, and if I choose—my pick of any gorgeous woman on my arm.

The only problem?
The one woman I want—no, need—in my life completely erased me from her memory when we were only teens.

I’d give everything up for a second chance with Kenni Davis, my best friend’s little sister.

When a ghost from my past is traded to the Sarasota Sharks—where I’m the Public Relations Director—I’m hit with the realization that I cannot keep running from my past, no matter how desperately I want to.

The moment our eyes meet, I know he still loves me…
And I can’t deny that I still love him, too. But betraying my brother isn’t an option.

It’s been eight, long years since I’ve seen my soul mate. Wils thrusts himself back into my life and makes me second-guess everything. And honestly, I’m tired of running. Being near him again, after all this time, still brings me to my knees.


After seeing a TikTok about the fourth book in the series and being very interested in that one, I picked up Stealing a Second Chance as I like to read a series in order even if each book focuses on different characters. This is a sports romance book that centers around baseball and is available on Kindle Unlimited.

I went through a range of emotions while reading this one. There are some heartbreaking moments throughout it as the main characters are still dealing with their trauma from an event that happened while they were teenagers.

I enjoyed the book overall, but there was a lot of this constant back and forth between Kenni and Wils that got to be a bit much. Some of it would have been fine, but I think there was a couple too many of the “should I stay or should I walk away” to where the book became tedious to read at times.

Stealing a Second Chance is not a spicy book in my opinion. I would say this was a one out of five on the spice level for me. This definitely wasn’t the spiciest thing I’ve ever read and I also feel like some scenes were a little unrealistic.

I’m curious about the next book in the series after reading this one so I will continue with them.

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