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Recent Reads – February 7, 2021

I’m finally back with a recent reads post! January ended up being very hectic and crazy and I just didn’t have the time in the moment to write down all my thoughts about all the books. I do plan to go back and write out reviews for the rest of what I read in January, but for now, this is what I read from February 1st to 6th.

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Recent Reads – January 10, 2021

I realized in 2020 that I have a hard time writing full length reviews for every single book that I read. I typically read over 200 books and sometimes multiple books in a single day. It gets to be overwhelming at times to try to find the time to write that many full reviews. While I will still be posting some full length reviews, I’m not going to stress myself over writing one for everything I read. As of now, this will be an every other week post where I do a mini wrap up of all the things I’ve recently read, a short review, and my rating of the book. My hope is that this will allow for me to get my feelings out about all the books I read, but not be as stressful.

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