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A Crown of Echoes by Brindi Quinn | Author Interview | Book Tour

I’m so excited to be a part of the book tour for A Crown of Echoes by Brindi Quinn that is hosted by TBR and Beyond Tours. I was really excited to also be able to interview the author for this book!


How would you describe A Crown of Echoes in just one sentence?

A Crown of Echoes is a swoony whirlwind of dark magic and forbidden romance with a strong, relatable main character telling you all of the dirty details as if you were one of her closest friends.

Did anything initially inspire A Crown of Echoes? 

A Crown of Echoes is my 14th novel, which I wrote after coming back from a 2-year hiatus. It was a bit of an explosion of my pent-upness, coupled with my fear of uncertainty over the state of the world—and I also drew from my frustrations and experiences of being a former operations manager within the corporate world. That whole, being responsible for other people while also balancing your own needs plays a big part into who Merrin is as a character.  

Do you have a favorite scene or quote from the book?

Ooooh, that’s tough! All of the Windley scenes, basically—particularly Chapter 15 or even early on when he says he only flirts with queens. I really like some of the one-liners thrown around between characters too. I’m a big fan of banter, so even the bickering between Rafe and Windley is superbly enjoyable for me. I like my female leads to be quick and witty enough to keep up with their love interests, so you’ll notice that Merrin can dish as much as she takes, and all of those spots stand out as favorites.

Do you know from the beginning how your books will end or do you let your characters decide their journey?

I usually have a general idea of the twists that will occur, but I never know the full journey until I’m taken along on it by my characters. For this one, I knew I wanted it centered around royalty, as I’ve never done something like that before (and Wayst from Sil in a Dark World does not count). I knew there was going to be a rescue mission and who the big baddie would be, but a lot of the plot unfurled to me the same as it does to the reader. My characters like to poke at me when I’m showering, driving, or trying to sleep, revealing little snippets at a time. 

Was there anything that was cut from the book that you were sad to see go?

A Crown of Echoes is a 4-book series, so anything cut from the first book was saved and stowed away as a potential scene stem for future books. I save EVERYTHING, and I also have a running notepad on my phone for tossing ideas into when I’m not at my desk. 

Without giving any spoilers, what can we look forward to in the sequel and other books in the series?

The sequel amps up a lot of the themes laid out in the first book—lots more swoon, lots more action, and a deeper dive into the lore of the world. Also, gasp, Windley’s past! There are four books in total and each dives further into the build of the world while taking deeper looks at existing characters and introducing new ones. My favorite character actually isn’t closely looked at until the 3rd book, A Crown of Felling, which will be releasing early 2021. 


TITLE: A Crown of Echoes
AUTHOR: Brindi Quinn
GENRE: New Adult Fantasy
RELEASE DATE: June 11, 2020

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“I’ve wondered what you taste like for so damn long. You taste better than I ever could have imagined… my queen.” 
He shouldn’t be calling me that. Beau was his queen. 
And I had a problem. 
I wasn’t supposed to feel this way. 

Queen Merrin might be the least queenly queen in all the realms. After all, queens don’t typically sneak out at night to drink with their guards. When her best friend and neighboring queen, Beau, goes missing, Merrin won’t leave rescue to the knights. She sets out from the civilized world and into the wilds to retrieve her lost friend, but with ancient hexes, stolen power, and a mountain of giants’ bones, Merrin stumbles into something much greater than a simple rescue mission. Get ready for a swoony whirlwind of dark magic and forbidden romance, as Merrin finds strength in the whispers of the forest and comfort in the arms of a guard with tantalizing abilities. 


Brindi Quinn is a fantasy/paranormal author from Minnesota specializing in world building and romance. She is an advocate of quirky love and firmly believes that banter makes the heart grow fonder. 

Since 2011, Quinn has written over a dozen young adult novels beginning with her debut epic fantasy series, Heart of Farellah. Her works often blur the lines between paranormal romance, science fiction and fantasy, and her series have been hailed as addictive, unique reads within the YA genre by reviewers across platforms. Her bestselling series, The Pursuit of Zillow Stone, made it to #12 in the science fiction romance category on Amazon.  

Quinn has a bachelor’s in general communication studies and is contracted through Never & Ever Publishing. She considers herself an avid fangirl, indulging heavily in video game lore and good SF TV. 

Be sure to catch her latest epic fantasy series, A Crown of Echoes

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One person will win a signed finished copy of A Crown of Echoes. The giveaway starts on January 12th and ends on January 19th. To enter this giveaway, click here!

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