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Fearless by Kenny Porter | Book Review

TITLE: Fearless
AUTHOR: Kenny Porter
PAGES: 192
RATING: 3/5 stars


Fearless is a touching graphic novel about growing up, accepting change, and finding a way to be happy when you miss your best friend.

Kara hoped to spend the summer re-enacting episodes of her favorite TV show, Shinpi Rider, with her best friend Alice. But when Alice moves to a new home two towns over, everything changes. Alice mysteriously stops answering Kara’s phone calls and letters.

In order to reignite their friendship, Kara hatches a brave plan to bike over to Alice’s new school all on her own. After all, “A rider never leaves a friend behind!” Kara’s bravery on the journey proves how strong she is but when Kara finally finds Alice, her bravado fades: Alice has found new friends and has left Kara behind. Can Kara be fearless when she feels so alone?


I received an advanced copy of Fearless by Kenny Porter through Edelweiss.

Fearless is a quick and easy read that I definitely think many kids will enjoy! I know either of my kids would be drawn to it at a Scholastic book fair. The art style in this is very fun and I really enjoyed the frames of the Shinpi Riders show throughout the story. I definitely had mixed feelings while reading this though.

On the positive side, I definitely think kids will relate to this in the sense of growing up and growing apart from friends. Every kid grows up at a different pace and every kid is different. I think Fearless did a good job of showing this and also the journey kids must take to find common ground with others. I also think it had a good portrayal of the ups and down in a friendship.

On the negative side, as a parent, I had some major issues with Kara’s actions. She made some dangerous choices and there wasn’t anything done about it once her parents found her.

I gave Fearless a 3/5 star rating. I think kids will enjoy it, but I definitely have a few issues with parts of the storyline.

Kenny Porter is a professional comic book writer and marketing copywriter living in West Michigan. Ever since growing up down the road from a small comic book store, he’s loved all kinds of comics from Marvel and DC to manga and Franco-Belgian books. Now he shares that passion by writing and sharing comics with others.

He’s written for DC Comics (Superman, Green Lantern), SEGA (Yakuza), and Top Cow/Image (Artifacts). He’s also the creator of Fearless (coming soon from Scholastic) and Barnstormers! (Insight Comics).

He is available for freelance comic book writing, scriptwriting, and story development. He’s represented by Mark Gottlieb at Trident Media Group Literary Agency.

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