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Gilded Princess | Review

TITLE: Gilded Princess
AUTHOR: Penelope Black
GENRE: Adult Romance
RELEASE DATE: July 14, 2021


When I was little, I was obsessed with fairytales. My dad told me the stories of the stars and white knights who rescue princesses. I’d wear a silver plastic crown and stare at the sky, waiting for the day my knight in shining armor would come.

Then my dad died, my crown broke, and my mom shipped my sister and me off to boarding school.

And then I met them.
My knights.
Only they’re nothing like the fairytales I grew up on. They’re wrapped in sin and shrouded in darkness. Bossy, protective, alphaholes.

And heirs to the Italian mafia. 


I absolutely loved Maddie in The Brotherhood series and was really looking forward to her book by the end of those three. Gilded Princess definitely didn’t disappoint! I really enjoyed that this gave Maddie’s perspective on scenes that happened in The Brotherhood books, but still feels like it could be read without having read those three books first.

There are so many twists and turns in this book and while I did expect them because it is a mafia book, there were so well done and had me glued to my kindle to find out what would happen!

I absolutely can’t wait for the next book! Definitely a series I can’t wait to finish so I can find out what will happen next.

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