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October 2021 Wrap Up

November so far has been crazy busy for us and I’m definitely behind on a few things. One of those is my wrap up for October!

In October, I read 24 books which equaled out to 7,033 pages. This equaled out to an average of 226.87 pages read each day. In the order in which I finished them, these are the books I read in October:

  1. Chains by Shandi Boyes
  2. Links by Shandi Boyes
  3. Bound by Shandi Boyes
  4. Restrained by Shandi Boyes
  5. Taken by the Vampire King by Roxie Ray and Lindsey Devin
  6. Stolen by the Vampire King by Roxie Ray and Lindsey Devin
  7. Made by the Vampire King by Roxie Ray and Lindsey Devin
  8. Kings of Chaos by Eva Ashwood
  9. Locking Her Down by Mink
  10. Hell by J.L. Beck
  11. Twisted Love by Ana Huang
  12. Twisted Games by Ana Huang
  13. Playing for Keeps by Kendall Ryan
  14. All the Way by Kendall Ryan
  15. The Wicked Deep by Shea Ernshaw
  16. Twisted Queen by Penelope Black
  17. This Is Halloween by Melody Rose
  18. The Perfect Catch by Jenna Rose
  19. Lords of Mercy by Angel Lawson and Samantha Rue
  20. The Lie by Karla Sorensen
  21. Paradise Lagoon by Caroline Peckman and Susanne Valenti
  22. The Dragon’s Tattoo by Roxie Ray
  23. Scream for Us by Molly Doyle
  24. Vault by Tate James

Of the 24 books I read in October, 18 of them were part of a series (75%), 5 were standalones (20.8%), and 1 was a reread (4.2%).

When it comes down to intended audience for the books I read, 1 of them was a young adult books (4.2%) and 23 of them were adult books (95.8%).

My ratings for October were a little more even than they have been. I had 1 two star book, 10 three star books, 10 four star books, and 3 five star books. Of my five star reads, my absolute favorites of the month was Twisted Love by Ana Huang.

As for where I sourced the books that I read in October:

  • Owned Physical: 1 (4.2%)
  • Kindle Unlimited: 23 (95.8%)

Lastly, I like to look at genres.

  • Contemporary: 18 (75%)
  • Fantasy: 1 (4.2%)
  • Paranormal: 5 (20.8%)

What did you read in October? What was your favorite book?

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