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Vicious Reign | Book Review

TITLE: Vicious Reign
AUTHOR: Penelope Black
PUBLICATION DATE: January 12, 2022
PAGES: 247


Fate is a fickle mistress. She gives as easily as she takes and she makes no apologies for it. When I’m on the precipice of an inconceivable loss, and a betrayal slices me wide open, I have a decision to make.

I can stay the polite, subservient girl. Or I can shed my societal restraints and become the person I was destined to be. With my dark Italian kings by my side, we don’t just change the rules, we remake the whole game.

Gone is the girl with stars in her eyes, and in her place is a woman with vengeance in her veins. It’s time I stop asking for permission and start claiming what’s mine.


Thank you to Penelope Black and Peachy Keen Author Services for providing me with an advanced copy of Vicious Reign.

Like other Penelope Black books, Vicious Reign picks up immediately after the last book. Like I said in my review for the previous book, Twisted Queen, this is something I really love because it provides a seamless transition from one book to the next. If you were able to binge all three books at once, the transition from each book would be easy and so enjoyable. As this is also the final book in a trilogy, my review will be spoiler free.

Vicious Reign is the sixth book that I’ve read from Penelope Black. While I’ve enjoyed my time reading all of her books, this one felt a little rushed at times. I honestly could have gone for one more book to really have some things fleshed out a little more. This usually would make a book a three star rating for me, but it had so much more good in it that it kept it’s four star rating.

While some things felt rushed at times, it’s definitely still full of the twists and turns that I’ve come to expect from her books. It kept my attention the entire way through and I found myself unable to stop reading because I was looking forward to the ending of the book.

I still highly recommend Penelope Black books for anyone who enjoys reverse harems, books with many twists and turns, and lots of men who know exactly what they’re doing.

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