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Sinful Hands | Book Review

TITLE: Sinful Hands
AUTHOR: T.L. Smith
PUBLICATION DATE: January 22, 2022
PAGES: 296
RATING: 4/5 stars


I was obsessed from the beginning.
And once I have an obsession.
It’s best you don’t get in my way.

I tried to stay away.
He was the one who was whispered about on the streets.
The viper that, once he had a taste, would hunt you down and collect you.
And Lucas liked to collect things.
One of those things was me.

Sinful Hands is Book 1 in the Chanel & Lucas duet, and is part of the Chained Hearts Duet world.


Thank you to Wildfire Marketing Solutions and T.L. Smith for providing me with an early copy of Sinful Hands.

I first learned of this book from TikTok and immediately went to look for it so I could read it as soon as possible. Once I realized it wasn’t yet out, I binged Chained Hands and Locked Hearts and was even more so excited about Sinful Hands than I was prior to seeing the TikTok video.

Lucas is first introduced in Sailor and Keir’s duet and he intrigued me so much from the times he’s in those two books that I was beyond excited to get a story from his point of view. IT DID NOT DISAPPOINT!

Sinful Hands is dark, twisted, and so good! Definitely can’t wait for the sequel!

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