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Frozen Hearts and Death Magic | Author Interview | Book Tour

I’m so excited to be a part of the book tour for Frozen Hearts and Death Magic that is hosted by TBR and Beyond Tours. I was really excited to also be able to interview the author for this book!


Thank you for allowing me to interview you! Can you start off by introducing yourself?

I’m originally from Brazil and I live in Montreal with my son. 

How would you describe Frozen Hearts and Death Magic in one sentence?

Siblings struggling with love, family secrets, and a looming war. 

Can you introduce us to the main character(s) of Frozen Hearts and Death Magic?

Yes. Naia is a princess in Umbraar, and she’s an ironbringer, meaning that she can move and manipulate metal. She loves her brother but resents the fact that he’s going to inherit the throne. She also resents her father because he thinks she doesn’t want to be married. She doesn’t want to stay single.

Her twin brother is Fel, also an ironbringer, but more powerful than her. He has congenital amputation, which is the reason why his magic evolved so much. 

Leah lives in Frostlake, where they have necromancy as magic. She is going to inherit the throne and wants to be a good queen. She also has to find a marriage match and she’s anxious about it.

River is an Ancient, or white fae, and he’s going to have to make some difficult choices. 

Do you know from the beginning how your books will end or do you let your characters decide their journey?

I usually have a rough idea of where it’s going, but the details of the journey are decided along the way. Sometimes it happens that I come up with ideas mid-way while writing the book.

Do you have a favorite scene, moment, or quote from the book?

Without spoilers, I like the opening scene. 

What are three books you would recommend if someone enjoyed Frozen Hearts and Death Magic?

I’d recommend more of my books. The Cup and the Prince is a quirky YA romantic fantasy with a petty heroine. Then I also like Kissing Magic, which has this enemies-to-lovers dynamic. And the other book I’d recommend is the continuation of Frozen Hearts and Death Magic, which is Iron Hearts and Dragon Magic

What’s next for you? Anything you can share?

I’m writing book 2 in this duology, and then I don’t know, but I’ll keep writing. 


TITLE: Frozen Hearts and Death Magic
AUTHOR: Day Leitao
GENRE: Young Adult Fantasy Romance
RELEASE DATE: January 22, 2022

Goodreads | Amazon


It all started with a kiss. A forbidden fae kiss. 

Naia was raised in the shadow of her twin brother, the crown prince, who has iron magic much more powerful than hers. But Naia has wishes of her own.

They awaken when she finds a white fae almost dying in the woods. She only heard of them in stories; the dreaded race that razed cities to the ground, killed her grandparents, almost rid Aluria of humans—until they disappeared. Now, twenty years later, are they back? Is there another war coming? But the fae is evasive and secretive. He’s also alluring and fascinating, more beautiful than anyone she’s ever seen. And then it happens: she kisses him—and nothing will be the same again.

In another kingdom, Leah, a necromancer princess, has to find a husband in less than four days, during the Gathering, when royals from all over Aluria meet. Her family makes it very clear that she can pick any prince she wants—except one: Naia’s brother. And it turns out that he’s the one; the one who makes her heart beat faster.Meanwhile, war looms over the land. One of the kingdoms is amassing immense power. The White Fae might be returning. Amidst it all, Naia and her brother struggle with newfound magical powers, family secrets, and most of all, their own treacherous hearts.


I’m originally from Brazil but I’ve been living in Canada for over 10 years now. I have some influence from Brazilian writers and Brazilian culture, but I also read popular books in English. I watched some Anime as a kid, my favorite being Yamato.

I’ve always loved to write stories, and I like to always include romance, action and humor in my writing. I think stories can touch us deeply. I live in Montreal, Canada, with my son.

My books include the Ya fantasy series Kingdom of Curses and ShadowsPortals to Whyland, and the sci-fi standalones The Sphere of Infinity and Star Spark.

Check out my blog for some news, updates, and nonsensical ramblings.

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