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2022 Reading Challenges

I’m a little behind on this as normally I would have talked about the reading challenges I’m participating in for the year at the beginning of January. Better late than never though!

In 2022, I’ve decided to participate in six year long reading challenges. I’ve chosen them based on what I thought I could easily finish as well as what fit with the books I’ve been enjoying.

First challenge I decided on is the A to Z Reading Challenge. This is a challenge where you try to read a book for every letter of the alphabet. For me this will be based on the first letter of the book’s title.

The RAD Reading Challenge is what I decided on for a small and doable challenge. This is a year long reading challenge with only nine prompts.

I decided on two bingos for this year! The first of them is hosted by The Shelfie Chronicles and is called Sweatpants and Spice. There are 30 prompts in total, but on their Etsy you can purchase a bingo card set where you will get a unique bingo card with 25 numbers. I added my bingo card to my book bullet journal and can’t wait to fill it in.

The second bingo I decided on for this year is the Lovers Between Covers Reading Challenge hosted by All the Books and Chocolate. This is a 36 prompt bingo card that is full of romance tropes and other prompts that are perfect for what I’ve been reading recently.

The last two challenges I decided on each have a single prompt or theme for the entire month. The first is the Fairytale Reading Challenge where each month there is a fairytale and you either read the fairytale or a retelling of that fairytale.

Lastly, I’m doing the Buzzwordathon hosted by bookandlala. This is a challenge where each month there is a buzzword and you try to read as many things as you can that fit into that buzzword.

Did you decide to participate in any year long reading challenges? If so, which ones are you doing?

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    1. I’ve definitely been enjoying them so far! There are so many to choose from as well. I just searched 2022 Reading Challenges and then found several from a masterlist on

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