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July 2021 Wrap Up

I went into July knowing it was a busy month for us and even knowing that, I had high hopes to read so many books. Those hopes were almost immediately crushed though. In actuality, I read a lot in the very beginning of the month and then again at the end of the month, but for most of July, I just didn’t read. Between the belated anniversary trip my husband and I took, both of the kids birthdays, and lots of projects I created for myself to get the kids ready for going back to school, I honestly didn’t feel like reading.

In July, I read 17 books which equaled out to 5,992 pages (this is missing one books page count as it is still recently released and didn’t have a page count listed). This equaled out to an average of 193.29 pages read each day. In the order in which I finished them, these are the books I read in July:

  1. Devil’s Pass Caroline Peckman and Susanne Valenti
  2. Wicked Promises S. Massery
  3. Model Behavior Kelsie Rae
  4. Forbidden Lyrics Kelsie Rae
  5. Gild Raven Kennedy
  6. Sinner’s Playground Caroline Peckman and Susanne Valenti
  7. Neon Gods Katee Robert
  8. Dead Man’s Isle Caroline Peckman and Susanne Valenti
  9. Carnival Hill Caroline Peckman and Susanne Valenti
  10. The Sweetest Oblivion Danielle Lori
  11. Wolf Penelope Black
  12. Rush Penelope Black
  13. Sully Penelope Black
  14. Gilded Princess Penelope Black
  15. Widow Maya Nicole
  16. Drive Me Wild Melanie Harlow
  17. Make Me Yours Melanie Harlow

Of the 17 books I read in July, 16 of them were part of a series (94.1%) and 1 was a standalones (5.9%).

When it comes down to intended audience for the books I read, all of them were adult books this month.

My ratings for July were unsurprisingly almost completely four stars. I had 1 three star books and 16 four star books, and __ five star books. My favorite book of July was definitely Neon Gods by Katee Robert.

I think at this point, I’ve realized my goal to read more of what I own is just not happening this year. I’m definitely enjoying what I’m reading though so I’m very much okay with that. When it comes to where I sourced the books I reading in July:

  • Owned Digital: 1 (5.9%)
  • Other: 1 (5.9%)
  • Kindle Unlimited: 15 (88.2%)

Lastly, I like to look at genres.

  • Contemporary: 14 (82.4%)
  • Fantasy: 1 (5.9%)
  • Paranormal: 2 (11.8%)

What did you read in July? What was your favorite book?

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