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January 2022 Wrap Up

It’s time for my first wrap up of 2022! January ended up being a very good month for me when it came to reading. I definitely took advantage of my Kindle Unlimited subscription this month and found a few new favorites!

In January, I read 64 books which equaled out to 20,506 pages. This equaled out to an average of 639 pages read each day. In the order in which I finished them, these are the books I read in January:

  1. Lore Olympus Volume 1 by Rachel Smythe
  2. The Hunter by L.J. Shen
  3. Never Let Go by Lucy Darling
  4. The Villain by L.J. Shen
  5. Games We Play by Dana Isaly
  6. Cruel Princes by Jillian Frost
  7. Melt for Us by Molly Doyle
  8. Secrets We Hunt by Dana Isaly
  9. How to Deny a Duke by Roselyn Francis
  10. When Sinners Play by Eva Ashwood
  11. How Sinners FIght by Eva Ashwood
  12. What Sinners Love by Eva Ashwood
  13. The Risk by S.T. Abby
  14. Sidetracked by S.T. Abby
  15. Scarlet Angel by S.T. Abby
  16. Change on the Fly by Maren Moore
  17. All the Lies by S.T. Abby
  18. Paint It All Red by S.T. Abby
  19. Crank by Caitlyn Dare
  20. Capture by Rachel Van Dyken
  21. Vicious Reign by Penelope Black
  22. Sever by Caitlyn Dare
  23. Honey Trap by Tate James
  24. Cruel Kings by Ivy Clyde
  25. Bloodied Hands by Adelaide Forest
  26. Sincerely, The Puck Bunny by Maren Moore
  27. Forgivable Sins by Adelaide Forest
  28. Devious Little Liars by Elle Thorpe
  29. Dangerous Little Secrets by Elle Thorpe
  30. Twisted Little Truths by Elle Thorpe
  31. Captured Darkness by Raya Morris Edwards
  32. Captured Light by Raya Morris Edwards
  33. Carnage by Sarah Bailey
  34. Chaos by Sarah Bailey
  35. Corrode by Sarah Bailey
  36. Cataclysm by Sarah Bailey
  37. Cowboy Seeking Nanny by Janice Whitaker
  38. Binding Rose by Ivy Fox
  39. Cowboy Seeking a Second Chance by Janice Whitaker
  40. Cowboy Seeking a Wedding Date by Janice Whitaker
  41. Cowboy Seeing Someone to Love by Janice Whitaker
  42. Unrivaled by Jerica MacMilan
  43. Molly by Krystal Veitch
  44. Talk Dirty, Cowboy by Elle Thorpe
  45. Grieved Loss by Adelaide Forest
  46. Chained Hands by T.L. Smith
  47. Locked Hearts by T.L. Smith
  48. Otherwise Engaged by Avery Keelan
  49. Sinful Hands by T.L. Smith
  50. Freestyle by Bea Paige
  51. Coerced by Multiple Authors
  52. Lyrical by Bea Paige
  53. Seven Sins of Snow by Loxley Savage
  54. Love Most, Say Least by Jolie Vines
  55. Hero by Jolie Vines
  56. Picture This by Jolie Vines
  57. Oh Baby by Jolie Vines
  58. Hard Nox by Jolie Vines
  59. Punk Love by L.J. Shen
  60. Twisted Hate by Ana Huang
  61. Hate by Tate James
  62. Liar by Tate James
  63. Fake by Tate James
  64. Kate by Tate James

Of the 64 books I read in January, 59 of them were part of a series (92.2%), 4 were standalones (6.3%), and 1 was a companion (1.6%). Nine of the books I read this month were rereads.

When it comes down to intended audience for the books I read, all of them were adult books.

My ratings for January were mostly four stars. This is not a huge surprise for me as this is what I rate most romances. I had 2 two star book, 12 three star books, 41 four star books, and 9 five star books. My average rating for the books I read in January was 3.89. Of my five star reads, my absolute favorites of the month was Honey Trap by Tate James.

I also like to track where the source of the books that I read in a month. This started when I was actively trying to read more of what I already owned. I’ve kept up with tracking this even though that goal was quickly forgotten about.

  • Owned: 10 (15.6%)
  • Publisher: 3 (4.7%)
  • Audible: 1 (1.6%)
  • Kindle Unlimited: 50 (78.1%)

Lastly, I like to look at genres.

  • Contemporary: 61 (93.8%)
  • Historical: 1 (1.6%)
  • Fantasy: 1 (1.6%)
  • Paranormal: 1 (1.6%)
  • Anthology: 1 (1.6%)

What did you read in January? What was your favorite book?

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